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Admission is done on a yearly basis. Every year the academic year starts around the Month of June,more specifically June 15. The Admission Procedure starts right after the result declared. There is a different timing for admission to 11th standard because it depends on the result declared for 10th standard by the Secondary Examination Board of Guajrat.

For admission in Kadod High School you have to contact the office in the regular working days between 11am to 5pm.

Admissions are done for only 1st standard, 5Th standard, 8th standard and 11th standard. In rare and exceptional cases students get admission in other standards.

There may be an entrance test for the admission to 8th standard Technical or Chemical division.

Admissibility depends on your result and and place of domicile. Local students are given first preference. To obtain forms and other details please call or write to the office or Principal.

An Online form is also available.

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