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The Kadod High school was founded on 4th May 1911, began with three standards. The founders were – Shri Chhotulal Ambalal Desai, Mr. Sheth Gopaldas Damodardas, Mr. Sheth Ghelabhai Pranvallabhbhai, Mr. Sheth Hargovinddas Narottamdas, Shri Mahyashankar Shankarji, Mr. Sheth Hargovind Anandram Vyas, Shri Vajeram Shivshankar Joshi, Mr. Sheth Baheramji Nanubhai Paliya and one member from each community of village came together to found it, keeping welfare of student’s future at their heart.

The responsibility of the institution was granted to Nagar Seth Shri Motibhai Jagjivandas as President and the responsibility of Secretary was handed over to Shri Lallubhai Laxmichand Shah.

Shri Jethlal Jagannath generously donated his home, situated on the bank of Tapi River to the institution. The purpose was to use it as an academic building. Sheth Damodardas built one building as well. Shri Lalbhai Patel of Aurgam built the Bai Nandiben block and one part of the institution was built with help of Dwarkadas Moradas’s wife Maniben.

The number of students increased to 120 in 1933 A.D. This raised enthusiasm in members and in 1933 A.D., “The Kadod Vibhag Education Society” was constituted. People from whole community provided overwhelming financial support. Imbued with spirit of social service, Shri Ranchhodji Pandya collected donations.The donations were collected by travelling to the surrounding villages by foot with a bag in their hands.

Within the education society, courage and determination was growing continuously. In 1918, they were granted permission to include 4th Standard. The institution also began receiving financial grant from the government to help them achieve this goal. They were also successful in obtaining a grant from the local board. By 1927, perseverance had paid off and they were granted permission to start a 5th standard.

On 18 May 1935, Sir Parsottamdas Thakordas established the first 5th to 11th standard full fledged school and gained great admiration and respect from the Bardoli Taluka.
Shri Thakorlal Shah and Shri Bensan Principal of Mission High School(Surat) provided good support so that all the Board students could get entry for their board examination.

By 1936 the number of students enrolled had grown to 200 students Shri Kunvarji Baheramji donated his personal land to build a hostel. A generous contribution of Rs. 15,000 obtained from Africa went to build the building and thus provide another primary service.

The school was inaugurated on 10 June 1937 by the kind hand of India’s respected leader and commander of Bardoli Satyagrah, Shir Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. On this momentous occasion Sardar Patel addressed the school and community with the following speech -

The gift of this hostel to the institution must be acknowledge and cherished. It is the member’s responsibility to continue maintaining and improving the facilities. The responsibility lies in moving the institution forward. Their responsibility will be accomplished when the school is full of children and nourishing the students both mentally through education and physically with food. This will prepare students to grow and join society as productive citizens to further improve their communities. While we are aware that quarrels and differences of opinions happen between trustees, supervisors and students, they will not happen at this intuition. If any difficulties arise a solution will be found accordingly.